"The Good Ol' Days"

I was fortunate to have two loving, hard-working parents. Their purpose in life was to work hard, make memories, to feed whoever darkened their doorway, and make their children’s lives better than theirs. Most of my childhood was never knowing a stranger and to know you would always need one more chair around the table for the noon or evening meal.
The beginning of this project has it roots in my father's need to protect his livelihood when he had built  the Quonset barn to protect the much needed machinery: tractors, combines, haying equipment,etc. During this construction someone mentioned to my parents that this would be a great place for country music. With this simple statement, the Quonset barn added a new dimension for one night of the week: a gathering place to listen to music while visiting with old friends and the making of new friends. So Mooneyham Junction was born…a place to gather, laugh, sing and listen to wonderful music! Your “Cheatin Heart”, “Crazy”, “Faded Love” were some of my favorites! While we had no Hank, Patsy, or Johnny, everyone believed this little “Opry” was always better than the real thing!
So these wonderful memories have led me back to Mooneyham Junction. While music will not be the main theme – it now offers an opportunity to bring a glimpse into the past through a collection of items from "history." It is a location where vendors bring their collections of antiques, artifacts, and creations that will take us back into prior times. And maybe, just maybe, the opportunity to once again hear a little "pickin" and "singin."
Please come fill an empty chair, hear the sounds of music and walk with us down memory lane. Our hope is that you will find that one thing that brings back a memory or to start a new memory that can be passed on through your family!



When you have parents that grew up during “hard times” and knew what it was like to never throw away
a piece of wire, feed sack, bailer twine or field plow because it may be needed later...you  have wonderful memories!   -Sybil Mooneyham Ryan


Welcome to Mooneyham Junction
It started with the need to protect a way of life...
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